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WHMIS 2.0 GHS Products and Services

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Coming into force

In order to align and synchronize the implementation of the GHS for workplace hazardous chemicals with the United States, the proposed regulatory changes will come into force no later than June 1, 2015.

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WHMIS 2.0 GHS Products and Services

Major changes to the Hazard Communication Standard will affect hazard classification, labeling, safety data sheets, as well as training. New criteria have been established for hazard classification in order to address physical hazards of chemicals and chemical mixtures. The WHMIS 2.0 GHS labeling standard requires that all hazards be communicated properly in an easy-to-understand format using signal words, pictograms, hazard statements and a precautionary statement for individual hazard classes and categories. The Compliance Center is offers top quality safety products to help comply with WHMIS 2.0. GHS
This will included,
training, online training, Online SDS services, SDS authoring, workplace audits, SDS web hosting, labeling software, drum labels, bottle labels, workplace labels, signs, tags, pipe markers, lockout/tagout, safety tape, printers, electrical markers and labels, biohazard products, and posters. These workplace safety products will help you keep your employees, visitors and customers safe and injury-free.

The Compliance Center NEW GHS GHMIS workplace labelling System is trade marked.
Simplicity is the key with the system as it is a symbols based system to avoid increasing language barriers. Details for the GHMIS workplace labels will easily be found on the supplier label and transferred on to GHMIS workplace labels by workers. This system alerts workers of the Health Hazards, Physical (flammable symbol only)Hazards, Physical Hazards and Target Organ Effects of a chemical. It will also i
identify the minimum personal protection required when handling.


WHMIS 2.0 GHS (Canada)
Product Code:PO-MS71E

WHMIS 2.0 GHS TRAINING Halifax, Montreal, Mississauga, Edmonton, Vancouver Training Centers

WHMIS 2.0 GHS : General Awareness 1-Day Training
TR-WHM10EB English French

WHMIS 2.0 GHS: Supervisor 2-Day Training
TR-WHM20EB English French

WHMIS2.0 GHS Awareness - Overview, Online Training
WB-WBTW English and French

WHMIS 2.0 GHS Classification 3-Day Training

WHMIS 2.0 GHS Employee Booklet

WHMIS 2.0 GHS Employee Training Manual will assist your employees to comprehend key points of the revised WHMIS Hazard Communication requirements. The illustrated handbook explains the updated regulation in an easy-to-understand format such as safety data sheets (SDS), labeling, and chemical handling and safety.This tool includes employee quizzes, classroom discussion topics
BK-ETBA1F French

WHMIS 2.0 GHS teaching Manual

Our Self Teach booklet introduces the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The intention of this system is to replace the multitude of regulations currently in use worldwide for identifying hazards in the workplace. Our Self-Teach book is ideal for first-time students or for refresher training. Students can move through the material at their own pace.


WHMIS 2.0 GHS Train the Trainer Kits


WHMIS 2.0 GHS Poster and Charts

Use these WHMIS 2.0 GHS Hazard Symbol poster and chart to help employees transition from old WHMIS to the new WHMIS GHS system

English / French- PO-MS51EF Poster
English / French- PO-CH51EF

WHMIS 2.0 GHS Label Requirement Poster
All hazardous chemical labels must contain specific types of information under WHMIS GHS requirements. Make sure you and your employees are aware of the six label components to ensure safety in the workplace.
WHMIS 2.0 GHS Information Poster
This poster outlines the six label components along with a sample shipped container label for reference. Also learn the 16 sections on a safety data sheet (SDS) including those that are optional. This poster comes with GHS/WHMIS 2.0 pictograms for workers to quickly identify hazards.

WHMIS 2.0 GHS Training Poster
This is a Great Poster for teaching. Showing
examples of a drum label, bottle label. showing how to use a workplace label. Indoor/outdoor signage, pipe marking.


WHMIS 2.0 Publications
Guide to WHMIS 2.0 GHS Regulations

Published by ICC Compliance Center

The WHMIS regulations have been Canada's national hazard communication standard since 1988. WHMIS 2.0 now becomes Canada's national hazard communication regulation and includes an annotated version of the Canadian Consumer Chemical Labeling regulations which, like WHMIS regulations, falls under the Hazardous Products Act. Under this new system, issues pertaining to the labeling of hazardous products, SDS requirements and worker education programs are covered.



WHMIS 2.0 GHS Compliance Procedure Manual

Published by ICC Compliance Center

This volume outlines WHMIS 2.9 GHS legislation and procedures for compliance with the law and implementing WHMIS 2.0 GHS in the workplace.

Note: This book will be published once Health Canada publishes regulations in Gazette II.

    Top Topics Include:
  • Overview of WHMIS GHS -How does WHMIS GHS work?
  • WHMIS GHS Classification
  • WHMIS GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • WHMIS GHS Management Requirements
  • WHMIS GHS Supplier Label Requirements
  • WHMIS GHS Workplace Labels
  • WHMIS GHS Employee Training
  • Employer & Supplier Responsibilities
  • Trade Secrets
  • Checklists

BK-WHM03 English

WHMIS 202 page Catalogue

WHMIS GHS Workplace Catalogue